In November 2006 I launched a web site under the name ‘hillstreamcatfish’ which primarily gave information on the Asian ‘moth cats and wasp cats’, which are now appearing in our local fish stores more frequently than in years gone bye.

In November 2009, I took off the web. But due to requests and encouragement by many of my friends to re-launch over the last few months I have decided to launch a revamped site as
This new revamped site will now give information not only on a wide range of Asian catfish species, but will have a section on my success in spawning of a variety of tropical fish families, genera and species that I have kept over the years.

As with the previous web site, I hope to add at least one new information page or a spawning report every 6 weeks

ALL Photographs and images are © A. W. Taylor, unless otherwise stated.